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Triple Threat has athletes at every level

Off-season team meetings are the perfect time to meet the other athletes on our team. Along with helpful training and nutritional information, you can find the right person or groups to swim, bike and run with, who will push you to reach your full potential. It's also an opportunity to coordinate racing schedules so you can travel and race with people you know.


Training with partners gets you up and out when you might otherwise skip a workout


Having people at or above your skill level will push you to do better


Let's face it, it's just more fun to train together


Swimming, biking and running with other people is safer than being alone


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Why Join Triple Threat?

When you read an article on how to get started in Triathlons or how to get faster in Triathlons, the first thing it will say is "get a coach." The second thing suggestion will most likely be "join a Triathlon club." Joining Triple Threat gives you access to a wealth of Triathlon and training information, and people to encourage you and train with you. Training with a partner makes the miles fly by!




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